Nominate & win with Future Learn

What better way to start our new blog than with an invitation to share your stories about your learning successes in 2015 and enter the Future Learn competition by nominating your inspirational s/heroes.

Who is the one person who’s encouraged you to start learning in 2015, helped you along the way and provided motivation when things got tough?

Nominate them for a FutureLearn Inspiration Award and you could win £1,000 (GBP) to share.

Nominations are now open in four categories

Future Learn are looking for nominations in four categories:

  • Inspiration at Work: tell us about the supportive colleague or manager who’s pushed you further this year, helping you develop a new skill, take on more responsibility or secure that promotion.
  • Inspiration in Education: who’s classes have you relished in 2015? Which teacher, tutor or lecturer has helped you grasp that tricky subject or opened your mind to a new way of thinking?
  • Inspiration at Home: which friend or family member has been your rock this year, always there to tell you “You can do it!” and share the load? Is it time you rewarded them and said “Thank you”?
  • Inspiration on FutureLearn: tell us about the learner or educator you’ve enjoyed meeting on FutureLearn. Whose comments have stood out for their wit or insight? Who’s changed your view of the world?
  • Learn More

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